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How it works


I am interested in buying a book on Bookonomical.  What should I do next?

Please purchase the book, at which point a confirmation email will be sent to the book seller to accept the transaction. Do bear in mind that, on top of the price of the book, you will need to cover shipping costs. Once the seller accepts the transaction, he/she will make the shipping order on SF Express and send the book to you.

I am interested in selling a book on Bookonomical.  What should I do next?

Please press “post a new listing” and fill in the required fields. Once you have finished, press “upload” and your listing will appear on Bookonomical’s site. Once someone purchases your book and you accept the transaction request, we will email you the buyer’s address as well as a set of instructions on making an SF Express shipping order, to make the entire process as convenient as possible. 

How does the SF Express shipping process work? 

Once the seller has placed the SF Express shipping order, an SF Express courier will pick up the book from the seller and deliver it straight to the buyer, all within 3-4 business days. 

What kind of books do you accept? 

Although we accept all books, including novels and children’s stories, we place an emphasis on textbooks. However, please do not upload PDFs or virtual books to our site! We don't accept those. 

What is Stripe? 

Stripe is our payment processor. It is a platform we use to hold money when a transaction is ongoing, and transfer money to the seller when a transaction is complete. To find out more about Stripe, click here.

Is Stripe trustworthy? 

Absolutely. Stripe exceeds the most stringent security standards in its industry. All transactions are SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protected. Stripe is a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1 which is the highest grade of payment processing security, meaning all information it holds is completely secure. Stripe is trusted and used by thousands of major businesses worldwide, including Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Coursera, Lyft, and many more. 

Why do I need to provide my bank details and Hong Kong ID Card number when selling a book? 

The reason we ask for your bank details are so we can transfer funds to you once a transaction is complete. Regarding HKID details: Stripe is a platform which helps us transfer these funds to you. Any organization that sends funds to individuals or groups is required to collect and authenticate information about you (these are known as “Know Your Customer” checks). In order to perform these checks, Stripe needs to gather certain information to verify your identity, and this information includes your HKID details.  

Why do I need to provide my home address when buying a book?  

Since delivery is coordinated by the book seller, your home address needs to be provided so we can pass this on to the seller, who can make his/her order on SF Express to ship the book straight to your doorstep. 

Who has access to my information? 

We do not have access to any of your important personal information, such as banking details and HKID number, as Bookonomical. The interface where you submit this information on our website is simply a pass-through for Stripe, who securely store this information and adhere to their own stringent privacy policy to ensure your data is not compromised. 

How much do I get when I sell a book? 

We charge a 15% commission on the book’s price. Stripe charges 3.4% + HKD 2.35 on the combined price of the book and shipping. This sample payment breakdown of a hypothetical transaction with an $80 book might make things a bit easier to understand:                                                                 


What payment systems do you accept? 

We accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. 

Do you accept returns and refunds if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

Unfortunately, given the second hand nature of the books sold on our platform, we are unable to provide returns or refunds for books purchased. 

If you want to provide feedback - public or private - to the seller, you can do so after completing a transaction. 

If there is a major issue regarding the book, such as a false indication of quality, please get in touch with us at